Six Indispensable Tips to add Value to your Home before Selling

When you are considering home improvements that will add value to your property before selling, it is important to take into account the cost of these improvements vis a vis the value they bring.

This is because some improvements such as installation of an expensive modern kitchen may actually cost more than the value they will add. Thus, some home improvement projects are worthwhile while others are not.

Here are some of the top home improvement options that are guaranteed to reap rewards according to experts:

  • Faster broadband – A study conducted by Rightmove that involved 3,000 potential homebuyers that most buyers avoid those properties that have a sluggish broadband that is commonly referred to as fourth utility.

Superfast broadband is delivered through fibre optics or cable allowing fast stream TV, data and music without any delays. Moreover, all family members can use it at the same time. If your home lies within an area with poor reception, fitting a satellite broadband will be an added advantage.

  • Fit double glazing – Estate agents recommend that you fit secondary glazing in the existing windows or have new double glazed windows installed to add value even as you make the home more marketable. Be keen to put wooden window frames as most buyers will shun plastic, as it is not permitted in conservation areas.
  • Smarten up – A majority of the buyers is looking at houses from the Seventies, Sixties and Fifties. Introducing simple improvements such as replacing unattractive bricks with concrete roof tiles with slate will increase the curb appeal as well as the value of your property. In fact, even a small outlay such as flower pots, hanging baskets, ensuring the fence is crisp and clean, freshly painting the front door and trimming lawns and hedges will sure go a long way.
  • Ensuite luxury – Houses that are newly built, usually include them in two or more bedrooms. Thus, experts advice that if your house has four bedrooms with a single common bathroom then consider adding an ensuite master bedroom. Additionally, you may add new taps, a heated towel rail as well as a power shower and use a glass shower scree or door in the place of a shower curtain.
  • Bring the outside in – Having bi-fold doors that lead into the garden give a feeling of extra reception room. Moreover, a sunken garden with a fire pit for adults plus a treehouse for the kids will attract buyers. If you are thinking of a cheaper alternative, you may increase the light and minimize maintenance by getting rid of trees that cannot enhance the garden. You can also create superb hedges if they grow too tall so that they block a huge amount of light.
  • Buy a wood burner – An open fire is cozy. However, a remote controlled gas, electric, multi-fueled fires or wood are easier to maintain. Even then, a wood burner is more fuel efficient than an open fire.

Overall, adding value to your home before selling it is a sure way of ensuring that you fetch more from the sale. Even then, it is important to ensure that you go for an option that guarantees you a good return.