Top 12 Home Improvement Ideas that will Boost your Property’s Selling Price

Your home may have lost its value over the years. However, you can significantly enhance its value with a few low cost tweaks before putting it up for sale on the property market. Some home improvement ideas go beyond increasing the value of your property but ensuring that you sell your home faster.

Remember, buyers place importance on different things; while some will be driven by location bothers may be moved by an outstanding curb appeal. Therefore, if you can offer more than just the home then you can be sure of getting buyers at your door within a short time.

When you think of home improvement, the first thing that comes to mind is the cost. Well, not all the home improvement ideas require money. In some instances, you may just need to declutter and clean and this can cost little to no money depending on how you approach it. Here are 12 home improvement ideas that are guaranteed to give a good return yet can be executed on a limited budget:

Spruce up the entrance – What buyers see when they come into your home will impact their decision to buy property. You will do well to buy a new front door or give it a fresh coat of paint. You can also buy and install a new mailbox and house number if the old one looks tired and worn out.

Improve your landscape – You will do well to get rid of the old bushes by replacing them with new ones that will add colour. This include potted flowers and flower beds. A little landscaping goes a long way.

Change your plumbing and lighting fixtures – In today’s homes, brass has lost its popularity to nickel while gold light fixtures are outdated. Replacing the outdated bathroom faucets and ceiling fixtures will give your home that modern touch for a minimal investment.

Clarify those spaces that may confuse buyers – Yu will do well to consider introducing a dresser or desk in an old alcove. This will suggest good use of the space and buyers will not be left guessing. The aim is to ensure that dysfunctional or funky things can be corrected.

Do partial renovations – Instead of gutting your old bathroom, you will do well to get a new vanity and reface your existing tub. You may also keep the old cabinets in the kitchen but only replace the hardware and countertops.

Get rid of window treatments unless they are high-end and current – This is a good way of cutting turning off would be buyers that do not share your taste. Uncovered windows are ideal for letting in more light.

Depersonalize – Rid the house of anything that is specific to your family such as family photos and children’s drawings among other things. This will give the new family room for imagination as they envision themselves living here.

Return rooms to their initial uses – If there are any rooms that you may have converted for other uses other than the original use be sure to return it. For instance, if you converted the dining into an office, turn it back to a dining. However, you may display a photo of the room’s potential for the buyer to see.

Replace worn out and dirty carpet – Although the first thing you might try is cleaning, it is important to keep in mind that a dirty carpet is always a turn off for any buyer. If your home has a wooden floor, you are much better off removing the carpet altogether.

Remover popcorn ceilings – These are usually a turn off for most buyers hence they will walk out as soon as they see them. Even then, keep in mind that some of those popcorn ceilings are likely to contain asbestos hence cannot be regarded as simple do-it-yourself projects and you may need someone who is licensed to remove them.

Clean thoroughly – Ensure that you have done a deep cleaning of your home before putting it up for sale. This way, it will be as good as new and more appealing to the prospective buyers.

Paint – A fresh coat of paint usually goes a long way in transforming property besides depersonalizing. You will particularly do well to paint the room in neutral colours leaving you with a house that not only looks newer but also modern.

Overall, there is always something you can do to boost the value of your home before selling. This does not have to cost you a fortune yet they will transform your property and increase its worth significantly.